“Non siamo un social network, siamo una piattaforma di news”

(Kevin Thau, vicepresidente di Twitter)

3 commenti a “Piattaforma di che?”

  1. Flx dice:

    Più probabile siano una piattaforma petrolifera (anche se di questi tempi…).

  2. Marco dice:

    Eben Moglen:
    “In fact, what we have are things we call platforms. The word “platform” like the word “cloud” doesn’t inherently mean anything. It’s thrown around a lot in business talk. But, basically what platform means is places you can’t leave. Stuff you’re stuck to. Things that don’t let you off. That’s platforms. And the Net, once it became a hierarchically architected zone with servers in the center and increasingly dis-empowered clients at the edge, becomes the zone of platforms and platform making becomes the order of the day.”

  3. massimo mantellini dice:

    grazie marco, mi e’ piaciuta molto la citazione