Eric Schmid intervistato da Business Week ha delle idee – come dire – non originalissime sui prossimi business di Google.

What are the biggest challenges the mobile Web presents?
Let’s start with the fact that the phones are not fast, the networks are not as capable, the ad formats are not standardized. But on the other hand it’s very, very important to solve those problems because a phone is very personal. And so if we know a fair amount about a person, with their permission we can target a useful ad—you know, “It’s Eric. You had a hamburger yesterday, do you want pizza today? There’s a pizza store on the right.” That kind of ad is likely worth a lot of money to an advertiser because it will generate a sale.

In other words, you send a message to the person’s cell phone, saying: “Look, we know you had a burger yesterday. If you want pizza today, just go around the block”?
Right. It may sound creepy, but it might also be quite valuable. People could use advice as to what to eat and where the food is—and of course you can turn it off. So the important thing here is advertising that has value to the person is advertising that is a valuable business. That’s the business we’re in.

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  1. Massimo Moruzzi dice:

    android no grazie, insomma.

  2. oneenergydream dice:

    Advertising sempre e ovunque oltre che reti veloci!

    La scoperta dell’acqua calda!

  3. Anderton dice:

    Mi ricorda le pubblicità di Minority Report.

  4. Sascha dice:

    ‘You can always turn it off’

    Yeah, sure, right, whatever…

  5. Sascha dice:

    Già che ci siamo, sto leggendo un ottimo romanzo di fantascienza sull’impatto delle tecnologie digitali, ‘Air’ di Geoff Ryman, ovviamente non tradotto in italiano.

  6. Sascha dice:

    Breaking news!
    Google ha deciso di prendere sul serio le riserve di quanti si preoccupano della propria privacy nell’era digitale:

  7. Piero dice:

    L’importante è poter riuscire a risolvere i problemi delle persone, migliorando la qualità della vita. Una pizza va sempre bene.

  8. Massimo Moruzzi dice:

    Grande, The Onion :)