Pare che la versione cinese di Skype (sviluppata da Skype e da una societa’ cinese) sia un po’ troppo interessata a quanto la gente si racconta da quelle parti. Lo ha scoperto Nate Villeneuve, un ricercatore canadese del “Citizen Lab” dell’Universita’ di Toronto.

Villeneuve found eight servers comprising the TOM-Skype surveillance network, as well as others specifically set to monitor chat traffic from Internet cafes and TOM Online’s wireless service. Those servers, said Villeneuve, contained massive log files that contained personal information about both TOM-Skype and Skype users, along with the complete contents of the chats that had been captured using keyword filtering.
The servers also stored records of voice-over-IP (VoIP) phone calls made with TOM-Skype, or to TOM-Skype users from people inside or outside China running the “normal” Skype. Those records, which went back to August 2007, included the IP addresses and usernames of callers.

A Skype ovviamente cadono dalle nuvole.

A Skype spokeswoman told The Wall Street Journal today that the filtering process in China had been changed “without our knowledge or consent and we are extremely concerned. We deeply apologize for the breach of privacy on TOM’s servers in China and we are urgently addressing the situation with TOM.”

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