Amina è stata rapita.

Earlier today, at approximately 6:00 pm Damascus time, Amina was walking in the area of the Abbasid bus station, near Fares al Khouri Street. She had gone to meet a person involved with the Local Coordinating Committee and was accompanied by a friend.
Amina told the friend that she would go ahead and they were separated. Amina had, apparently, identified the person she was to meet. However, while her companion was still close by, Amina was seized by three men in their early 20’s. According to the witness (who does not want her identity known), the men were armed. Amina hit one of them and told the friend to go find her father.
One of the men then put his hand over Amina’s mouth and they hustled her into a red Dacia Logan with a window sticker of Basel Assad. The witness did not get the tag number. She promptly went and found Amina’s father


2 commenti a “Nel frattempo a Damasco”

  1. Luca A. dice:

    Nel frattempo la storia sembra molto più complicata come si può leggere sul New York Times ( E grazie alle intuizioni di Andy Carvin.

    In questo momento la donna le cui immagini sono state usate per “dare un volto” a Amina Arraf viene intervistata dalla BBC, si chiama Jelena Lecic…

    Chissà come andrà a finire.

  2. massimo cavazzini dice:

    Amina non esiste. Blog-ccalone.