Micidiale down di Skype in tutto il mondo oggi. Milioni di persone costrette a telefonarsi.

Skype isn’t a network like a conventional phone or IM network – instead, it relies on millions of individual connections between computers and phones to keep things up and running. Some of these computers are what we call ‘supernodes’ – they act a bit like phone directories for Skype. If you want to talk to someone, and your Skype app can’t find them immediately (for example, because they’re connecting from a different location or from a different device) your computer or phone will first try to find a supernode to figure out how to reach them. Under normal circumstances, there are a large number of supernodes available. Unfortunately, today, many of them were taken offline by a problem affecting some versions of Skype. As Skype relies on being able to maintain contact with supernodes, it may appear offline for some of you.

3 commenti a “La concessione del telefono”

  1. Stefano dice:

    E io che credevo di essere rimasto l’ultimo uomo sulla terra…

  2. claudio dice:

    pure io, ma sapevo che venedo qui avrei trovato una risposta: grazie!

  3. soloparolesparse dice:

    …ah, ecco… quindi è inutile che continuo a farlo ripartire…