Quelli di iFixit non si fidavano delle dichiarazioni di Apple cosi’ hanno aperto (con la forza) uno dei nuovissimi magic mouse ed hanno contato i sensori che contiene. Sono effettivamente 138.

The first thing that iFixit discovered is that Apple really does not want you to take the Magic Mouse apart. The whole thing is held together with some really tough glue instead of screws, or clips, or anything that might make it easier to take apart and put back together. Once apart, though, iFixit verified that the entire top surface is literally covered in capacitive touch sensors—138 in all—just as Apple promised. This is what allows the multitouch gestures to be so accurate and specific over such a small surface—though it would be nice if Apple enabled pinch-to-zoom and two-finger rotate.

(via Arstechnica)

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