Lussuoso articolo di David Byrne sull’ultimo numero di Wired sul futuro della musica e sui suoi modelli economici.

What is music?
First, a definition of terms. What is it we’re talking about here? What exactly is being bought and sold? In the past, music was something you heard and experienced — it was as much a social event as a purely musical one. Before recording technology existed, you could not separate music from its social context. Epic songs and ballads, troubadours, courtly entertainments, church music, shamanic chants, pub sing-alongs, ceremonial music, military music, dance music — it was pretty much all tied to specific social functions. It was communal and often utilitarian. You couldn’t take it home, copy it, sell it as a commodity (except as sheet music, but that’s not music), or even hear it again. Music was an experience, intimately married to your life. You could pay to hear music, but after you did, it was over, gone — a memory. Technology changed all that in the 20th century. Music — or its recorded artifact, at least — became a product, a thing that could be bought, sold, traded, and replayed endlessly in any context. This upended the economics of music, but our human instincts remained intact. I spend plenty of time with buds in my ears listening to recorded music, but I still get out to stand in a crowd with an audience. I sing to myself, and, yes, I play an instrument (not always well).

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  1. valerio fiandra dice:

    Caro Mantellini,

    grazie della sontuosa e gustosissima segnalazione

    e della cura con cui mantiene topics e testi suoi.

    Segnalo a chi di musica sa, o vorrebbe sapere, un eclettico blog di rara qualità , secondo me.


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    Un blog elegante… e intelligente finalmente.

    un saluto e un augurio di serenità 


  3. whyiwentmissing dice:

    "No single model will work for everyone. There's room for all of us. Some artists are the Coke and Pepsi of music, while others are the fine wine — or the funky home-brewed moonshine. And that's fine. I like Rihanna's "Umbrella" and Christina Aguilera's "Ain't No Other Man." Sometimes a corporate soft drink is what you want — just not at the expense of the other thing. In the recent past, it often seemed like all or nothing, but maybe now we won't be forced to choose."

    Questa è la migliore definizione che abbia mai sentito di ciò che è la musica, di ciò che è stata e di ciò che sarà .

    Grazie della preziosa segnalazione

  4. Claudio Sanfilippo dice:

    Caro Massimo, questa segnalazione è oro. Grazie. Un salutone e tanti auguri per un 2008 luminoso. Claudio