Overdose di marchio in casa Adobe.

The Photoshop trademark must never be used as a common verb or as a noun. The Photoshop trademark should always be capitalized and should never be used in possessive form, or as a slang term. It should be used as an adjective to describe the product, and should never be used in abbreviated form.

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    Adjectives. Always use marks as adjectives, and never as nouns. The use of any mark in text should be immediately followed by a noun. For instance, state "We recommend you use the RED HAT Linux operating system," rather than, "We recommend you use Red Hat." On a related note, avoid using marks in the possessive form, in the plural, or as a verb. The examples below illustrate proper usage.


    NOUN "RED HAT's performance is incredible." "The RED HAT Linux operating system's performance is incredible."

    PLURAL "Corporate demand for RED HATs is surging." "Corporate demand for the RED HAT Linux operating system is surging."

    VERB "RED HAT your entire network." "Set up your entire network using the RED HAT Linux operating system."