Avevo scritto qualche settimana fa un pezzo sulle reti amatoriali wi fi che stanno nascendo un po’ in tutto il mondo. Come abbondantemente prevedibile ecco i primi tentativi di bloccare il proliferarsi di queste reti wireless gratuite da parte dei grandi operatori delle telecomunicazioni. Da una mail apparsa poco fa su Politech, la mailing list di Declan Mc Cullagh:


I’ve not seen anything on Politech regarding this specific issue before, but

my roommate just called me and let me know that Time Warner Cable of NYC has

just sent me a snotty letter basically telling me to shut off my public

access point immediately – PERIOD – as its not allowed according to the

contract I signed to get their cable service.

I don’t have the letter in front of me, but if you’re interested, I can get

it to you this evening.

I plan on calling/writing to TWCNYC and asking them if they consider an

access-protected 802.11 network is still an infringement of their contract,

meaning if I only allow MYSELF access, and no-one else. Is the fact that its

just “there” (admittedly unusable by anyone without the access key) an

exception to the contract?

Now I have to shield my apartment in lead because I can’t “advertise” my own

private 802.11 network because the backend of the network is TWCNYC’s?

I don’t like where this is going.


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